What are you supposed to write here? I actually have no idea so here are just some basic information about me that can be found after a few minutes of googling:

I’m a 22 year old computer science student at the Hamburg University of Technology. I normally also life in that city and use my bicycle to cycle to the university all year long. Additionally to my studying I’m also working as a working student for adSoul which is a part of the Otto Group Digital Solutions.

A bunch of links to some of my accounts:

  • Steam: Lergin
  • Discord: Lergin#0382


  • Name: Lergin_
  • UUID: ebdf264a-abda-4570-8f61-f2d7a2bb4758
  • SpongePowered: Lergin
  • Minecraft-Server.eu: Malte
  • The Hive: Lergin_
  • unlimitedworld: Lergin_