Fridays for Future Profile Picture Generator

A profile picture generator for the Fridays for Future movement. It is used to overlay profile picture frames over images uploaded by the user to mobilize for upcoming climate strikes or other actions by Fridays for Future. It was shared and used by many activists of Fridays for Future including Greta Thunberg and Luisa Neubauer.

This generator replaced an earlier version of such a program that required the use of a GPU-server in the backend to create these images and instead does all the processing directly in the browser of the user. This lead to a reduction of the time it takes to generate such an image between 500% and 2000% and at the same time greatly improved the privacy of the user’s images as these no longer leave their device. It also supports multiple languages and nonsquare image formats.

The source code of the generator is available here:

A small presentation about the generator for a university course: Download (PDF)


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