Hive Stats and Leaderboards

Hive Stats and Leaderboards is the most comprehensive website for statistics about The Hive. It provides rankings about who has the most gold medals, points, achievements and many more. We also track the points of players through the time for all the different gamemodes and provide more information than the The Hive profile page. Furthermore, we have historic leaderboards for the different gamemodes and support comparing these. This website also has a list of changes in the team of The Hive and a list of all the maps. There are also statistics about the unique players of the server and the gamemodes.

screenshots of four of the pages of the statistics webpage

There is also a twitter bot that informs about team changes and new maps: @hivemc_updates

The Website can be found here:

The Sourcecode is of the website is available here:

The data collection is using my Node.js Hive Api Library and is also available on Github: