One Year Of Reporting Bike Lane Parkers

Two bike lane parkers; this time they at least didn't stop on top of the curb cut
Bike lane parkers are a common occurrence in many big cities in Germany. One doesn’t need to look for long to find images like these: Neulich meinte jemand, man könne ja gar nicht erkennen, dass diese attraktiven Streifen gar nicht zum Abstellen verkehrsgefährender Gegenstände während des Shopping-Trips gedacht sind. Da hab ich mal aufgemalt, wie man die Radwege in der Tamara-Danz-Straße erkennt #bvvxhain — 🌻 Pascal Striebel 😷🚲 🏳️‍🌈 (@PascalStriebel) February 8, 2019 In Hamburg the Zentrale Bußgeldstelle (Central Fines Office) accepts reports from citizens that took images of these parked cars via email.
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6 digit PINs and the usefulness of password restrictions

Last month Troy Hunt released Pwned Passwords V2, a list of 500 million hashed passwords together with how often these are used¹. I then analyzed these with respect to 6 digit PINs, that a lot of banks still use for the login to their online banking: The first step was to get the hashes of all possible 6 digit PINs to extract these from the 500 million passwords, for this I had written a small node.
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