Hive Stats and Leaderboards

Hive Stats and Leaderboards is the most comprehensive website for statistics about The Hive. It provides rankings about who has the most gold medals, points, achievements and many more. We also track the points of players through the time for all the different gamemodes and provide more information than the The Hive profile page. Furthermore, we have historic leaderboards for the different gamemodes and support comparing these. This website also has a list of changes in the team of The Hive and a list of all the maps.
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Vigilate is a Sponge Plugin that allows you to add positions as cameras that players can view without moving or changing anything. It can be downloaded from Ore: Commands /camera view < camera > Ports the executing player to the camera and allows to view the area. Any movement or interaction will end the view of the camera and resets the player back to the position he is from.
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This is a copy of the forum post about the statistics website posted on the forum and therefore in german Einige von euch kennen sicherlich schon meine Statistiken über die Verteilung der Zonen auf der Karte (für die anderen: und nun hab ich hier noch einige weitere Tools: Spieler Informationen Mithilfe dieses Tools, welches über diesen Link ( erreichbar ist, ist es möglich nach Spielern des Servers zu suchen indem man anfängt den Namen eines Spielers in der Suche eingibt und dann auf einen der vorgeschlagenen Namen klickt oder einern der Spieler auswählt der grade online ist.
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a Minecraft job plugin for Sponge Features How to use Commands Configuration Features Jobs in Minecraft reward the placing and destroying of Blocks, the using of items and the killing and taming of mobs Job Abilities that eg. allow you to destroy blocks faster for 3 minutes every two hours anti replace farming system that blocks the rewarding of the placing and destroying of blocks on the same spot so the economy isn’t as easily exploitable only allow doing the actions (eg.
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