Generating a Settlers of Catan board using graphs

Image of the gameboard of Settlers of Catan in the middle of a game
Yonghokim / CC BY-SA (
Settlers of Catan is a well-known board game that has a board made up of hexagonal tiles with pieces placed at the corners and edges between these tiles. To represent such a board as a data structure multiple approaches have been used over time. PyCatan uses lists for the edges, corners, and tiles, has a coordinate attached to every object, and then uses these to calculate the neighboring objects. colonizers also uses lists for the edges, corners and, tiles, but instead uses the 2D coordinate of the center of the objects to locate these and then uses the distance between the different object to find the neighboring objects.
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Fridays for Future Profile Picture Generator

A profile picture generator for the Fridays for Future movement. It is used to overlay profile picture frames over images uploaded by the user to mobilize for upcoming climate strikes or other actions by Fridays for Future. It was shared and used by many activists of Fridays for Future including Greta Thunberg and Luisa Neubauer. Already 50 000 signatures in less than 22hrs! Read, sign & share our open letter and demands to EU- and global leaders here ->https://t.
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Hive Stats and Leaderboards

Hive Stats and Leaderboards is the most comprehensive website for statistics about The Hive. It provides rankings about who has the most gold medals, points, achievements and many more. We also track the points of players through the time for all the different gamemodes and provide more information than the The Hive profile page. Furthermore, we have historic leaderboards for the different gamemodes and support comparing these. This website also has a list of changes in the team of The Hive and a list of all the maps.
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This is a copy of the forum post about the statistics website posted on the forum and therefore in german Einige von euch kennen sicherlich schon meine Statistiken über die Verteilung der Zonen auf der Karte (für die anderen: und nun hab ich hier noch einige weitere Tools: Spieler Informationen Mithilfe dieses Tools, welches über diesen Link ( erreichbar ist, ist es möglich nach Spielern des Servers zu suchen indem man anfängt den Namen eines Spielers in der Suche eingibt und dann auf einen der vorgeschlagenen Namen klickt oder einern der Spieler auswählt der grade online ist.
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